Game Information

On this page you will learn how the game works.
Read the page completely and you will understand how you survive in the shadow world.

Shadows devour shadows

Devour other shadows as shadow to become bigger and stronger.
Shadows are in constant motion. They collect Shadows energy, which they can concentrate to hide from other players.

Inactive Shadows

When a shadow becomes inactive, it becomes visible to everyone else and can be found by the shadow search.
The community cleans itself...

The Shadow Search

You can use the special Shadow Search to track down and attack other moving shadows.

But remember...
As long as you are looking for other shadows, you are movable and therefore visible to other shadows as well.
The time when you discover someone or you are discovered is always random. Once you activate the search, an event can happen within 30 minutes. ( The bot notifies you... )

If you attack another Shadow, each one gets 10 battle points. For each fight point a random number from 1 to 6 is generated.
If the attacker number is as high as the defender number, nobody gets a point. Whoever has the larger number gets one point.
Whoever has the most points left at the end of the fight wins.

If the shadow reacts to the attack, it gets one point for the same attacker/defender number and thus has a defensive advantage.
However, this is not all that can be found in the shadow search....

Shadow Sphere

During the Shadow Quest, you may also encounter Shadow Spheres, which contain various rewards.

Rewards that can be contained and their drop probabilities:

  • Shadow Power ( 50 % Drop Chance)
  • Shadow Tentacles ( 30 % Drop Chance )
  • Shadow Mass ( 18 % Drop Chance )
  • Shadow Life ( 1 % Drop Chance )
  • Shadow Sphere ( 1 % Drop Chance )

Either players or rewards are found. For both events, the player must be present to accept them. Otherwise the find and/or the event expires after 1 minute.

If the player misses a combat request, the opponent automatically wins.

Now start as a shadow and devour all the others to move up in the ranking. Stand your ground in the shadow world and defy all others!

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